Tobacconist University's Certified Cigar Reviews (CCR) website provides a review process to empower consumers and professionals who want to document and evaluate cigars. The CCR content and system was created with the input of dozens of Certified Retail Tobacconists and took more than a decade to compile. It includes educational links to the Tobacconist University (TU) Academic Curriculum, Glossary, FAQ and more. While we live in an age where anyone [for better or worse] can pontificate their opinions about cigars on the internet, we believe you are the best judge of your palate and preferences and this platform is the ultimate tool to enhance your experience and appreciation.

Certified Cigar Reviews (CCR) are organized by Cigar Specs, Component Data, Pre-Smoke, Smoke, and Post-Smoke criteria. In addition, there are sections for Flavor & Sensation/Mouthfeel Descriptors, Flavor Notes, Pairing Comments and your Final Thoughts. Most importantly, we define important terminology and provide a comprehensive structure that allows you to rate the objective and subjective aspects of a cigar in as much detail as you like.

Click on the image above for the free Certified Cigar Reviews Worksheet PDF. You can fill it out by hand or use your computer to keep it digital. Enjoy this .pdf as a printable document which you can keep for personal use or share it with your friends and/or customers. We hope this empowers you to take your knowledge and pleasure to the next level. And if you like what you see, please thank your local Certified Retail Tobacconists!


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