About CCR

The Certified Cigar Reviews website is a revolutionary platform, created by Tobacconist University (TU), where Certified Tobacconists can review (document and evaluate) cigars. All reviews are easily viewed and shared online.  In addition, reviews can be printed as shelf talkers and spec-sheets for private and/or professional use. 

Certified Cigar Reviews are organized by Cigar Specs, Component Data, Pre-Smoke, Smoke, and Post-Smoke. Reviewers rate the objective and subjective criteria of a cigar: including aesthetics, construction, flavor (taste+aroma), spice, strength, body, and smoking conditions. Facts, sensations, impressions, and opinions are documented, aggregated, evaluated, processed and displayed on a graphically rich webpage, which can also be shared, printed and/or saved by anyone in the world. Furthermore, the review data and criteria are hyperlinked with the TU academic curriculum to enhance the educational experience and establish fundamental definitions and facts. For example, if you don’t know what "strength", "spice", or "body" means, you just click on the word and learn.

Launched in early 2022, Benchmark Cigars have their objective data and an image preloaded into our database, so reviews are quick, easy and accurate.  You can search through our Benchmark Cigars database, choose a cigar you want to review and the data will auto-populate for your convenience and accuracy.  Benchmark Cigar Reviews can be completed in seconds.  

We can create a Benchmark Account for any company that wants to load our database with their cigars - just email info@tobacconistuniversity.org if you would like us to open you an account. 

Who Can Review?

Anybody and everybody can view, print and share Certified Cigar Reviews for free.  Currently the review process is only open to Certified Tobacconists but we plan to make the platform available to all consumers in the future.

All Certified Tobacconists can create reviews for free as a benefit of their certification. Our homepage focuses on displaying Certified Retail Tobacconist (CRT) reviews since we consider these the most knowledgeable and important professionals in the luxury tobacco industry. Every review can be digitally shared and/or printed as a spec sheet and/or shelf talker, which also displays the CRT's credentials and promotes their authorship and business.

Consumers around the world can view, share, and print all Certified Cigar reviews for free. If you would like to use the platform to create your own reviews, you can become a Certified Consumer Tobacconist (CCT) and review at will, for free. Your reviews will be hosted on the CCR website and include all of the display, sharing, and printing functionality that professional tobacconists receive.