PG 15th Anniversary
An intriguing, full bodied, rich and smooth cigar, filler tobaccos used in the 15th Anniversary line are grown in the original farms used to make the first PG’s in 1990. The Colorado Nicaraguan wrapper is dark and oily and enhances the flavors of the cigar to make the tobaccos (which have been aged for 5 years) smooth and delicious. For the relatively new smoker, it represents a kaleidoscopic range of tastes. For the seasoned smoker it is reminiscent of old style Cuban Puros from the mid 1950’s. Produced in collaboration with the finest cigar makers in the Dominican Republic, the 15th Anniversary PG Belicoso Extra debued as the most sensational PG blend since the original release of the PG Gourmet Series in 1990. The original 15,000 Belicoso Extra cigars were made available to 50 of the top PG Authorized Dealers in the United States in October 2005. The response to the 15th Anniversary Belicoso Extra was so great that the 15th Anniversary blend is now available in a new PG line composed of 10 sizes.